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Monday, 5 March 2012

My exhibition tour

I have just come back from a one-week 'exhibition-plus tour' around various English towns.

First stop was Bletchley Park, the National Codes Centre, where messages coded with the Enigma machine were deciphered during World War II, as well as a place where other secret work took place.   It has now been reconstructed and it is a fascinating place to visit.

Last weekend there was a quilt show in The Mansion (the central house), organised by the local region of the Quilters' Guild, and it was a fantastic success.

I have always been fascinated by secret codes, and have heard a lot about Bletchley Park, so I made a quilt for it, inspired by the Enigma machine, using a technique of applying letters to fabric that I have not used before.

The quilt show was a great excuse for visiting Bletchley Park.  The quilts were fabulous and the place is fascinating.  I took one of the tours, which take you round the site and explain how it was set up and the kind of work that was done there, and show you some of the deciphering machines.

Below is a photo of the real Enigma machine.

Will continue tomorrow!


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