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My trip to Stuttgart

I was invited to teach in Stuttgart by Black Forest Quilters, a group composed of German and American quilters - there is an American military base just south of the city.  I was delighted to accept, and was then invited to extend my stay and also teach for two other groups, based in quilt shops north and south of Stuttgart - Nadel und Faden, and

Quilters are friendly people everywhere, but those whom I met in this trip were exceptionally so.  They really looked after us and took us sightseeing on the days I wasn't teaching - and a couple of husbands also took my husband for trips when I was busy.

There is a lot to see in Stuttgart and its surrounding area - it is a beautiful city, full of interesting places, from buildings to parks, museums and art galleries.

Here is a small selection of some of the photographs I took - will continue in the next few days, and include pictures from the workshops I taught.

There are old houses and new houses in Stuttgart:

Squares with sculptures - these are views from the top floor of the Modern Art Museum, nicknamed The Cube.

There are a lot of parks, and even vineyards in the middle of the city.  This is Killesberg Park, with a tower you climb up to see the view, and which oscilates at the top! The view is large - you can see the football stadium too! The gardens are beautiful, and the flower beds extraordinary arranged with shapes and colours - right up my street!

Mercedes Benz and Daimler are based in Stuttgart, and there is a fabulous Mercedes Benz Museum, quite space age - outside and inside - where one learns a lot of history as well as looking at some extraordinary cars.

There are all sorts of vehicles:

Really early cars, and classic cars....

Sports cars to die for, and futuristic cars with green technology and no steering wheel!

To be continued....