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Monday, 17 February 2014

Wells's wells - a sunny day's walk in the Bishop's Palace Gardens

This Sunday was the most wonderful sunny and mild day, a welcome change from the rain, wind, storms and flooding we've been having in Somerset.  Fortunately we haven't been flooded, our area seems to have missed the worst, but so many people have been affected by the terrible weather.

In one of the recent storms, the huge Tree of Heaven, in the Bishop's Palace Gardens, broke and fell, and this is the stump that was left.

But the wood is not been wasted;  craftsmen are collecting pieces and carving all sorts of things.  There will eventually be an exhibition of all the artefacts produced from the Tree of Heaven. One large piece is being slowly carved into a giant hand on the spot.

The water from the wells that gives Wells its name, is being channelled into the Palace Moat, which has a very high level of water, to avoid it flooding the town.  Good management is the clue.

 The mild weather means that snowdrops and other flowers are carpeting the grounds.

 I love the combination of trees, vegetation, flowers, wide lawns, rampart walks, and ancient towers, in the Bishop's Palace Gardens.  Our own bit of heaven in the town.

And then we had lunch in the new cafe - The Bishop's Table...

But it was just one day - today is grey and rainy again.  When will this awful weather come to an end?  Climate change has to be recognised and tackled!

Good night!