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Monday, 31 March 2014

Colours of Sitges

Every day brought new colours to my views of Sitges. Every day was different: the sea and the sky, the light, were different.

One day the sky and sea were blue, and the white clouds seem to be chasing each other.

On another evening, the sea was blue and black and the sky was red, pink and yellow.

Another evening, the sea had gone all gold and silver.

And another day, the sea on the same spot was blue and silver.

Another day, the whole area was shining in blue and gold.  

And diamonds seem to be floating on the sea.

Good night!


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Gold and Silver in Sitges

I just realised that we are at the end of March and my last post was in the middle of February!  I intended to post here more often this year, but I have not.  In fact I have been writing in Facebook instead.  So for those who have not seen my photos of Sitges in Facebook, I will post them again here.

I went to Sitges for the annual Quilt Festival of the Spanish Patchwork Association. I had a wonderful exhibition there and taught two classes.  The place is beautiful - a beach resort half an hour south of Barcelona - the people were wonderful, the weather sunny and warm, and the food superb.  What more can I say?

Dusk was amazing.  Nights were crystal clear.  I took a large number of photographs and I am starting with a couple of them today, which I call Gold and Silver in Sitges.  The first one was taken from the Marina, looking into the town, just before sunset.  The second one was taken from the centre of town, looking into the sea, of a giant moon and its reflections on the water.

Will post some more tomorrow.  Good night!