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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My orchids

My orchids are doing amazingly well.  They are flowering like mad, in spite of being winter.  Even one that has been dormant for about three years, has started to flower as well.

Here is a selection of photos - I have taken dozens of them!  Their colours cheer up the grey and wintry weather.

And I had great fun taking the pictures, as you'll see.


  1. Beautiful Alicia!
    I can never get mine to flower again!!

  2. Beautiful orchid collection, they do brighten up our gloomy winter days :-)

  3. Spectacular. I have a plain white cymbidium which didn't flower this year.

  4. Thank you! I have no skills as a gardener, but I have loved orchids all my life, and I do my best to get them to flower. I do not talk to them (!) but I do admire them and look after them. They've always flowered again, but this year they have been especially spectacular, all of them flowering at the same time. Will get a picture of the whole window next.

  5. HI Alicia,
    nice to see You between Your orchids ;-).
    Greetings monika