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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hail and rain in my garden

Yesterday we had heavy rain and hail in our city.  It was grey and dark but the white of the hail gave a strange perspective on things.  Here are some photos taken from inside the house, through a large glass patio window.  By changing my position with respect to the glass, I can achieve different focus effects.

This first photo focuses on the wet glass.  The out-of-focus white behind it is the hail on the ground.

In this second photo, I am focusing more on the outside, the hail on the patio floor, and the hose laying there.  There are still wet marks left by the rain on the glass. The whole thing is much fuzzier.

In the third photo, I am focusing more on the ground and the hail on it.  The patterns on the patio flagstones produce interesting effects, reflected on the wet window.

Lastly, when the rain stopped, I went outside and focused on the hail without a glass between it and my camera, so it is a much sharper photo.  I have no idea what the red spot is - I only saw it afterwards, when I loaded the images on the computer - but it certainly becomes a feature!

Hope for sun tomorrow!



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