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Thursday, 17 April 2014


Last week I spent four days in Portsmouth attending the AGM of The Quilters' Guild of Great Britain.  I taught my new workshop on "Creating Work in Series", which was a success, and gave my new digital presentation on "Colour, Shakespeare and Maps".  I attended the Gala Dinner which was great fun, met a number of old and new friends, stayed in a very comfortable hotel, and had some delicious meals.

I also visited one of Portsmouth's attractions - Gunwharf Quays, with its tall Spinnaker Tower, in the shape of a sail.

There was a bit of blue sky then, but in general it was a grey day.  Portsmouth is, or was, a naval city and port, so there is a lot to see along the coast - from just watching the boats go past, to visiting the Mary Rose Museum (which unfortunately we never got round to....)

Below is a view of part of Portsmouth harbour from the top of the Spinnaker Tower.  The glass in the viewing platforms is somehow tinted, to protect visitors from the sun - but that day there was no sun, it was grey and overcast - so the photos from up there turned out rather green.  Nothing I could do about it....  I could Photoshop them onto blue I suppose, but I decided to leave them as they are - it's the colour both me and my camera were seeing from the top.

Closer-up, you can see lots of different small boats 'parked' in the harbour.

There are naval ships and sailing boats.

The stellae left by the motorised boats make nice patterns.

From high above, people look like ants.

You can zoom into the people eating in the cafe below.

On the viewing platform there is an area of glass from where you look below down the tower - strange feeling, like walking on air.

You have to take your shoes off to walk on the glass. Quite a drop!

When we got down, neither the sea nor the sky looked as green as from up on the tower!

Gunwharf Quays are also a big shopping centre - but I didn't take photos of the shops! nor bought anything.  But we did have a nice lunch in Jamie's Italian restaurant.

Good night!


Friday, 4 April 2014

Views of Sitges

Here are some other views of Sitges.

Bagpipe player on the beach, late afternoon.

Strange branch on the way to the Marina.

The white church (daytime).

The blue church (night-time).

Eating out in the evening.

Red reflections.

Good night!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

My exhibition in Sitges

And here are some pictures of my exhibition, taken when it was just set up.

And here is one when visitors were in.

Good night!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sitges town

There are many aspects of Sitges I like. The old town had a myriad of little streets, where it was easy to get lost at the beginning.

This  beautiful house in white and blue was very near the exhibition venues.

This house shined golden in the sun - it was near the Marina.

And yes, of course there is a Marina, full of beautiful boats.

And beautiful sandy beaches!

And there was one grey day, when it rained - well, more like a couple of hours in the afternoon....but it turned everything into a different reality, with the low clouds over the hills around the town.

Good night!


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Skies and seas of Sitges

The skies could be amazing!  And depending on the angle of view, and the camera angle, the same sky could look very different.

These are what I call the 'long clouds' - here in white, yellow and orange, on a blue sky and with a silver sea.

A little later, and from another angle, the clouds turned pink and light yellow.

A bit later, with the sunset, the sky became darker and the clouds looked stormy.

And at night, when the sky and the sea were very dark, reflections of the lights of the town turned the sea gold, silver, blue, green....

Good night!


Monday, 31 March 2014

Colours of Sitges

Every day brought new colours to my views of Sitges. Every day was different: the sea and the sky, the light, were different.

One day the sky and sea were blue, and the white clouds seem to be chasing each other.

On another evening, the sea was blue and black and the sky was red, pink and yellow.

Another evening, the sea had gone all gold and silver.

And another day, the sea on the same spot was blue and silver.

Another day, the whole area was shining in blue and gold.  

And diamonds seem to be floating on the sea.

Good night!


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Gold and Silver in Sitges

I just realised that we are at the end of March and my last post was in the middle of February!  I intended to post here more often this year, but I have not.  In fact I have been writing in Facebook instead.  So for those who have not seen my photos of Sitges in Facebook, I will post them again here.

I went to Sitges for the annual Quilt Festival of the Spanish Patchwork Association. I had a wonderful exhibition there and taught two classes.  The place is beautiful - a beach resort half an hour south of Barcelona - the people were wonderful, the weather sunny and warm, and the food superb.  What more can I say?

Dusk was amazing.  Nights were crystal clear.  I took a large number of photographs and I am starting with a couple of them today, which I call Gold and Silver in Sitges.  The first one was taken from the Marina, looking into the town, just before sunset.  The second one was taken from the centre of town, looking into the sea, of a giant moon and its reflections on the water.

Will post some more tomorrow.  Good night!


Monday, 17 February 2014

Wells's wells - a sunny day's walk in the Bishop's Palace Gardens

This Sunday was the most wonderful sunny and mild day, a welcome change from the rain, wind, storms and flooding we've been having in Somerset.  Fortunately we haven't been flooded, our area seems to have missed the worst, but so many people have been affected by the terrible weather.

In one of the recent storms, the huge Tree of Heaven, in the Bishop's Palace Gardens, broke and fell, and this is the stump that was left.

But the wood is not been wasted;  craftsmen are collecting pieces and carving all sorts of things.  There will eventually be an exhibition of all the artefacts produced from the Tree of Heaven. One large piece is being slowly carved into a giant hand on the spot.

The water from the wells that gives Wells its name, is being channelled into the Palace Moat, which has a very high level of water, to avoid it flooding the town.  Good management is the clue.

 The mild weather means that snowdrops and other flowers are carpeting the grounds.

 I love the combination of trees, vegetation, flowers, wide lawns, rampart walks, and ancient towers, in the Bishop's Palace Gardens.  Our own bit of heaven in the town.

And then we had lunch in the new cafe - The Bishop's Table...

But it was just one day - today is grey and rainy again.  When will this awful weather come to an end?  Climate change has to be recognised and tackled!

Good night!


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My orchids

My orchids are doing amazingly well.  They are flowering like mad, in spite of being winter.  Even one that has been dormant for about three years, has started to flower as well.

Here is a selection of photos - I have taken dozens of them!  Their colours cheer up the grey and wintry weather.

And I had great fun taking the pictures, as you'll see.