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Monday, 24 November 2014

Balloons over Wells

Today was a beautiful sunny, clear day, and this afternoon when I went out of the house, there were balloons flying over the city.  They come from Bristol, where there is a park which is used for ballooning, and often land in big fields near Wells.

There were two balloons, and they looked as if they were musical notes on the pentagram formed by the electric cables.



  1. Lovely shots. I once drove up to Chatsworth Fair early in the morning and a host of balloons was rising up through a low lying mist. It was an amazing sight and, had I had my camera with me I would have stopped but I have to be content with the memory.

  2. Yes, it can be quite a sight. There is also a big balloon festival round here in the summer, with masses of balloons rising up from Ashton Park in Bristol. They also run balloon trips from there when the weather is good, mostly in the summer, and depending in the direction of the wind, they may float over Wells - on their way to landing places on the fields and meadows of the Somerset Levels nearby. So I have quite a few photos. November is quite late for balloon rides though, but it was a beautiful sunny day, warmish, with a very gentle breeze. My husband and one of my daughters went for a balloon trip once - it was a birthday present to both of them, as their birthdays are on very close dates. They loved! But it's not my cup of tea - the Spinaker Tower in Portsmouth, which I went up to when I was there at the last QG AGM, is a safer bet for me.