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Friday, 17 October 2014

Remembering September

This September we had what is called an "Indian Summer" - warm, sunny, clear air, enchanting feeling.  Among other things I walked on the Bishop's Gardens and took lots of photos.  Yesterday I posted about the Angel Wing sculptures - today I will remember the beautiful effects of sun, water and plants.

Bee on red flower

Reflections of red flowers

 Brown duck in the pond

Droplets from early dew

Falling water from the wells

Beautiful large leaves

But now it is October and it is cool and rainy! 

Good night!  



  1. Such beautiful photos but the one of the dew drops is extraordinary. The spacing on them looks staged!

  2. Lovely photos. The one with the reflected red flowers is beautiful. The Indian summer seems to have returned here for a few days.

  3. Thank you for your comments! I take photos the Bishop's Palace Gardens in Wells every season of every year, and each time I discover something new! A beautiful place to go for a walk in my town.