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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Rhododendrons at Stourhead gardens

Last Sunday we went to Stourhead, house and gardens, in Wiltshire.  It was a wonderful sunny day, warm without being too hot.  The rhododendrons were in full flower. Yesterday's photo of the day was taken there too, from inside the house.

My friend the glass artist Gillian Hulse was showing her work at the First View Gallery, and demonstrating how to make fused glass pieces.

The whole place is beautiful and we should go again. There is a Summer Art Exhibition coming up soon. And the gardens are supposed to be especially fabulous in the Autumn when the leaves are golden.  

The combination of art and nature is irresistible.


  1. I love the colour!
    Stourhead is beautiful any time of year, we visit a lot as we live only few miles away. More pictures on my blog under label heading "Stourhead :-))

    1. The colours are magnificent - we plan to visit again, in the Autumn if not before. Stourhead is only about 40 minutes' drive from me - so we must live not so far from each other!