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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Gabriel Orozco: Samurai Tree Invariants and the use of colour

I was in London this weekend and went to Tate Modern to see an exhibition of Gabriel Orozco's work - weird and wonderful!  No photography allowed...  So here are links to some really interesting videos of his work:

His Samurai Tree Invariants are what fascinates me most - a series of 672 variations on a theme.  Only four prints were on show in London, but you could buy a book with all of them - terribly expensive though.  It is a computer generated design using circles of different size, following certain rules, which he then filled with four colours - blue, red, white and gold.  By changing the colours of the circles (half circles, quarter circles) and of the background, he produced a huge number of variations.  The circular shapes can stand out, or they can disappear, when they are painted in the same colour as the background.  Fascinating!

Have a look!  You can also google Orozco's images.

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